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Society of Certified Senior Advisors
Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need the CSA training and designation?

It depends on your goals. If your goals include:

  • Helping seniors

  • Building a better, more profitable business

  • Continuing to improve as a professional

  • Controlling your own future and making your own decisions

  • Working directly with seniors

the CSA training and designation will help you achieve them. You decide; is becoming an elite resource important to you? If it is, we can help you get there.

2. What does becoming a CSA involve?

It's very simple.

  • Register for the next training class or correspondence course now.

  • Make your payment.

  • Book your hotel and flight reservations. (not required with correspondence course)

  • Anticipate making many new friends and contacts.

  • Plan to learn a great deal of fascinating information that will improve the quality of your business and personal life.

3. How will being a member of the Society of CSAs help me?

  • Our marketing classes will teach you how to immediately build trusting relationships with seniors. And with this audience, building relationships is essential to building your business and getting referrals.

  • The program will train you to become an elite professional - more highly qualified than other people in your industry to help seniors. As seniors experience you as a superior resource, they'll become loyal customers because they trust you.

  • Our training will prepare you to help your own family, your friends and yourself to deal effectively with aging and dying.

4. How will the Society of CSA's help me gain credibility with my senior clients?

Once you've earned your designation, you'll have credentials that resonate with your senior customers. The CSA designation tells them that you care about them. And that you:

  • Have taken the time and trouble to learn about their special needs.

  • Understand the opportunities available to seniors.

  • Keep abreast of the many developments in this challenging field.

  • Are competent and capable of initiating and completing the process required to solve their problems.

5. In addition to the training and designation, what else will membership do for me?

Because you're in a challenging field, there's a tremendous amount of information. We'll help you manage the information overload and keep you abreast of important developments that can help your clients.

  • Each month you'll receive one of the following: CSA Journal, CSA Senior Spirit Newsletter or CSA Significant Summaries. These publications will provide you with a mix of technical and anecdotal information that you can use in the interpersonal side of your business.

  • Throughout the year, you'll learn from attorneys, accountants, Medicare experts and social workers.

  • You'll have opportunities to network with fellow advisors, many of whom will see you as a professional resource.

  • You'll be able to get tips on topics as specific as marketing your business, legal advice, community assistance programs, and how to help seniors with special challenges.

6. How can being a CSA help build my business?

You'll be an expert in a subject that has few experts. Don't be surprised if you're invited to address civic groups or give talks to local clubs and organizations. Your knowledge will make you a community resource as a problem solver who can find alternatives and take action. CSAs are prime for customer referrals.

7. Will the Society of CSA's help me market my services?

Absolutely. For starters:

  • We prepare a press release about your designation for media distribution in your community.

  • For a reasonable fee, we'll provide you with a marketing brochure and customized newsletter for your prospects and clients. Each promotes your designation and credibility.

  • We'll also provide you with a camera-ready logo that you can reproduce on business supplies. That way, your existing clients and prospects will know that you're up to date on the critical issues facing this growing market.

  • We'll also introduce you to a special Society of CSAs referral system that will result in increased business.

  • When clients present you with difficult questions, you'll be able to turn to Society of Certified Senior Advisors resources for information and guidance. You'll become known as a reliable resource in your community.

8. Who are the instructors?
All of our instructors are experts in their specific fields. Many of them are nationally recognized as keynote speakers and/or authors.

Your certification as a Certified Senior Advisor identifies you to your community as a knowledgeable professional who can ask the right questions, generate alternatives and initiate an effective process to solve the seniors problem or improve the situation.

Society of Certified Senior Advisors fills the educational void by teaching its members about priority concerns facing seniors and how a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) can best meet senior's needs.

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